Why I didn’t Join the Taxi Union aka NTA


A few of of colleague had approach me asking me if they should join the Taxi Association Union for a monthly fee of $9?

So I ask them, What is the benefit of joining the union?

And here are the benefit:

1) Write Appeal Letter

2) Member Benefit like NTUC Voucher, health Care Benefit

3) Discount Voucher

4) Attend upgrading course at a subsidize fee

All benefit these name above just to name a few.

Let us get back the the basic, what is the core reason for join the NTA? The core value that I know of is writing appeal letter to various organization like traffic police, HDB and URA etc. 

Being an educated Taxi Driver (Degree Holder), should I need my help on this issue? My answer is a firm NO!

Why do we need to pay a monthly subscription of $9 ($108 a year) just for them to write appeal letter for us? Nowadays, Singaporean are educated and only a few of them aren’t educated (the pioneer batch of Taxi Driver). For the educated ones, you are able to write confidently to the various organization yourself, why waste your time to make a trip down and ask them to write for you?

As for those uneducated/chinese educated, these group will be are the more concern ones. But to me, why worry? Your colleague/children are educated and you can easily approach them to write for you.

Also various organization have customer service/appeal counter which you can just walk in and speak to them your grievances  and they will write for you and channel your appeal to the various department.

The last resort is going to your Member of Parliament, they too will able to write the letter on behalf of you as resident.

Additional information had been written by other  writer like Gilbert Goh at Transitioning.org

Don’t get me wrong not to join the union, but to me I don’t see the pure benefit of joining one. The choice is yours!

One thought on “Why I didn’t Join the Taxi Union aka NTA

  1. because you are PAP member

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