What Singapore can learn from Malaysia GE 13?


The election 2013 had ended with disappointment from the opposite camp although there are cries of fraud. I would not get into this as my intention is not writing about this.

Let look at the bright side of this election:

1) Penang/Selangor – Opposite had increased the majority in the state. It shows that having a good governance, care for the people, economic investment are the core deciding factors for the increase majority. Resident who had not voted the opposition party had eyes to see what are the improvement had done to the state.

For Penang, their economic is booming with transparency of governance with detail planning for the future. As for Selangor, free water and good governance proved to be the critical winning formula.

These two states had proven that with the carrot showing by the BN, the voters are not impressed. They knew that the state government had show equality to all the resident there,be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.   This is arguably that they had increase support of the Malay resident.

2) Kedah, their defeat and handed the state governance back to BN due to mainly one reason. Poor Governance and internal in-fighting. This leads to poor performance by the state.

3) Voters rejected multi-party system. The winner of the electoral are won by either BN or the Pakatan. All other parties or independent  had lost and majority had their deposit forfeited.

So what can Singapore learnt from this election?

1) A good governance is a must for winning the election.

2) Resident must be well taken care of with sincerity just like the Hougang resident. Mr Low T K had done a good job for the past 20 over years.

3) In order to win the election, effort must be put in by the party way before the election. Those fly-by candidate often do not know by the resident and it is hard for them to make a comparison with PAP candidate. Just like how the worker party had put in their effort in Aljunied GRC way before the GE 2011. Resident will feel it and their would give them a chance to run the GRC much more than any other party that “fly-in” when the election comes.

4) All other parties must work together, this will show the resident the common goal they are trying to achieve. Working individually will not bring the party far and beyond.

5) Proper planning for the resident 1st before presenting the wider picture of governance. Governance will comes when the party/coalition are strong enough to deal with it.

6) Resident will give the party a chance to governance when they see sincerity in them. If the perform poor, they can change on the next election just like Kedah. If they are satisfy, they would able to increase their majority like Penang and Selangor.

In summary, election is talking about the resident and the resident. Show to the resident how much you care for the resident, vote will comes to you when you had done enough for them.

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