Does new citizens grateful with the current government? Part II

This morning, I had an interesting conversion with a chinese lady (PRC – Late 30s), she had been living in Singapore for the last 7 years. She is a PR while her husband is a Singapore new citizen.

While driving to her destination, we had some conversation regarding about the current Singapore politics. I will give a summarize on what she had enlightened me.

1) The current political system will not change so soon in Singapore due to Singaporean “Kiasi” Mentality. In order to have any change in political system, the mentality much change first.

2) Singaporean will KPKB about the policies, but when “sweetener” are given to Singaporean, they tend to forget the whole issue and vote for the government again. 

3) The tightening of labour plus increasing of levy actually increase the government coffer, but this does not translate into increase welfare of the Singaporean. In order words, the political motives of the tightening of labour is to increase the government coffer than helping Singaporean.

4) She also highlight that since that the government had tightening the parent of the EP to come to Singapore as LTVP, this restrict both working parent as they need to hire maid to take care of their children. This again increase the government coffer!

5) She highlighted that the welfare system in China is much better than Singapore. When ask her why she still choose to come to Singapore. She said just to change of environment and due to mainly Food and Public Safety.

So ask the most sensitive question: Will you/her husband vote for the current government if given the chance? Her answer is a firm NO! Her reason is government had been neglecting the citizen.

In summary, I tend to agree with most of her analytical analysis and this article shows that not all new citizen will vote for the government.    

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