Is Singapore Youth less patriotic than the Malaysia Youth?

Yesterday a group of youth (about 100 of them according to the strait times) assemble at the Merlion park to stage a peaceful protest against the Malaysia General Election although it is deem illegal in Singapore. 

Here I’m not talking about the illegal assembly by the Malaysian but I’m writing about their patriotic toward their nation. They dare to voice out their unhappiness and together they want change in Malaysia. Respect is the only I can describe towards them.

But are Singapore Youth less patriotic?

Singapore Youth are no less patriotic than our neighboring country. The only different is that one talk about it while the other action it.

I happened to ferry a couple of youth yesterday evening and we had a casual chat over Singapore politics. One is a PMET while the other is a young chap working in the service sector.

They are all concern about Singapore politics. One stopped writing the facebook due to peer pressure as she would not want to jeopardize their friendship while the other talk to his parent occasionally.

Both are equally concerned about the 6.9M white paper, but they resigned to their faith as talking about it can’t do much.

One was asked if she had attended the Hong Lim Park Protest on the 16 Feb and 1st May organize by Gilbert Goh? She said that she heard about it and love to attend but thing crops up in the last minute that she couldn’t make it.

A short trip with a short conversion actually makes me feel relieved that the youth in Singapore are generally still concern about politics/policies in Singapore. They are just as patriotic as the Malaysian Youth just that they show it in different ways.

While the government are busying engaging the youth these days, we too must engage these youth. Telling them criticizing policy will not make them less patriotic if the policy are against the Singaporean.

Here I would like readers, especially the youth to write in the comments column. or msg me in the facebook, your concern and how can we better engage the youth. Your input is important as I hoped that your valuable input will help us to have more youth attending the Hong Lim Park protest in the future.

The youth are our Singapore future!!!


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