Does new citizens grateful with the current government? Part III

Last week, the Malaysian in Singapore had staged two illegal  protest at the Merlion Park with 21 protestors arrested during the second protest. While I do not agree with the illegal protest, but something we Singaporean can learnt.

These two illegal protest actually re-affirmed my stand, although they are not the new citizen yet. There are just a few out of the hundreds of thousand of new citizen, PR, Work permit holder where one day who becomes Singaporean. So why there are just a few of them attending? Reason could be these:

1) Not informed

2) Knowing that the protest was illegal and they do not want to run afoul of the law here.

3) Working at that time

Without these reasons above, I believe that the turnout would even be much higher. Even the protest at the Hong Lim Park last night organizes by Jolovan Wham which only Singaporean and PR can attend(legally).

Here we ae talking about Malaysian only, how about other countries nationality? Almost all other countries have their basic right to protest and bring down the government. Their  way of thinking is different from Singaporean.

Are new citizen grateful with the current government? You will know yourself if you have new citizen,PR, work permit holder as your friends. Check with them and you know the answer!

So the most interesting part is: Why do Singapore Government want to tighten the labour rules? Is it because the government heard us? Is it they had found out that the new citizen are actually not the stronghold to voting anymore?The answers for the answer can only found out in the next election due in 2016. Only time will tell!

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