AIM Saga

I had been quiet for the past few days. This is due to me falling sick and also refrain from commenting on the AIM Saga happening in the parliament.

The AIM Saga is happening over the debate in parliament between Minister Khaw and WP’s Sylvia Lim. While both parties had their valid points, that doesn’t really concern to me as an ordinary Singaporean.

 While Minister Khaw had said, Town Council are being handle by the respective member of parliament, the town council will be definitely handled with the respective parties agenda. Thus awarding the contract of Managing Agent it deem fit. The point I’m forwarding is: What is the Managing Agent got to do with the parties directive since their duties is to manage the town cleanliness and maintainance? Can’t the MA be non-partisan and serve whichever parties took over the town council?

Next comes in my mind, Why do the town council award contracts to only companies that have managing town council before as a requirement?  This question which I would only agreed part of it. As a MA, the experience is essential to get the job down as smoothly as possible. But on the other hand, if SDP or NSP won a GRC, they did not manage any town council before, how on earth they are getting the job done? So is it to say that they can only goes back the MA that are under PAP or WP to help them? This to me, is a barrier to entry and stopping other political parties to win the GRC.

Third, Sinking Fund. Do we really need to ever increase the sinking fund? Yes, we need to increase the sinking fund as the maintenance cost is ever-increasing. But at what rate the sinking fund should increase? This answer must be answer by all the town council but to me layman, a yearly increase of 4%-5% will be ideal. This can be covered by the prudent investment using the Sinking Fund.  Those the cost of increasing might not necessary pass on to the resident.

Next, Why is there the need to engage a MA when the town council can do the job themselves? To me MA is just a centre-man that help to manage the town council. Why can’t the town council employ the cleaner/technician directly? If they are going to employ directly, they can actually give better pay to the cleaner/technician since the profit for the MA is channel directly to them.

Next and lastly, Minister Khaw had said, the software are readily in the open market, so why there is a need for PAP town council to open a tender to customise the software, isn’t it wasting the resident’s money? This I hoped that Minister Khaw can enlighten us citizen on this issue.

In Summary, What I see on the debate is mainly political issue which is not a concern to us ordinary Singaporean. What is concerned to us is these:

1) Keep the charges to each household to the minimum.

2) To keep the estate clean and well maintain.

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