PR – Benefiting Singapore or PR themselves?

Singapore Government had been granting Permanent  Residency to foreigner in return hoping that they would convert to Singaporean one day.

Permanent Residency is like a dual citizenship for the foreigner to keep the own citizenship in their home country while enjoying the benefit of a Singaporean. In work, they aren’t counted as foreign quota for the company. In housing, they are allowed to purchase HDB flat although can be bought through resale. For their Children, they can enrol into government school heavy subsidize by the government. The benefit can be listed on….

But do we really need Permanent Resident in Singapore?

In my own view, PR should only be granted to the person that are linked to a Singapore Citizen. Like the spouse of the Singapore Citizen, the children of the Singapore Citizen, Parent of the Singapore Citizen (this might be obsolete case now as we Singaporean are into 3rd or 4th generation).

No other person listed above should be granted PR at all. It’s either they stay as Permit holder or convert to Singapore Pink IC. Granting them a PR will not make feel prestige as a Singaporean. In return, they will compete against Singaporean for job, housing, education etc.

In the Strait Times today (27 May 2013), the title “Singapore PR hopes to run in next Indonesian election“. This article show a very good example foreigner are not going to keep their roots in Singapore.

Mr Yoga Dirga Cahya, 26, first came to Singapore to study in NTU school of Biological Sciences with tuition grant given by MOE. Here he quote in the article ” Many Singaporeans go oversea and get the best education, and the come home and work and contribute to their society. I wish to do the same for mine”.

It shows that he had never have the intention of staying in Singapore at all. So why granting him the PR status in the first place? He can be a permit holder while serving out his bond with NEA.

There are many examples that PR would not want to sink their roots here. Singapore are getting too crowded and we do not need this kind of PR in Singapore. Government should seriously consider granting PR Status to foreigner unless they are linked to a Singapore Citizen. Giving the choice to the foreigner, remain as permit holder or convert in Singapore Pink IC.

One thought on “PR – Benefiting Singapore or PR themselves?

  1. Thank you, I’ve just been looking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the supply?

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