How many Singaporean in the banking industry?

A few days ago, in the newspaper, it reported that the lowest ratio of Singaporean/PR to Foreign Talent in the bank is 70% local/PR. Namely the Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, DBS etc.

Look Again!!! 70% Local and PR are employed in the Banking industry. What does it tell about?

To me, they are hiding some of the details:

1) At what percentage is Singaporean in the management level?

2) What ratio is Singaporean compare to PR?

All along the above statistic is not made known to us! We should demand the government to give us an answer for that.

Now I will deliberate more on point no 2 – What ratio is Singaporean compare to PR in the Banking Industry.

Most will agree that the banking industries is full of Indian and Pinoy and other nationality. We would hardly see Singaporean (which I say Singaporean have becomes minority in the industry.

They have categorised Singaporean and PR together to let us know they indeed employ locals. But Hey!!! We would like to see more data! What is the real ratio of True Blue Native Singaporean vs others.

In my speech at the press conference in the May Day Protest in Hong Lim Park organised by Gilbert Goh:

Press conference after May Day Protest at Hong Lim Park

Jump to 25th minutes of the play that I had spoken about the issue.

Although EP is not counted in the quota system (Not considered as Foreign quota). But when a foreign talent becomes a PR, this will increase the foreign quota that the company can employed. Thus this will enable to company to bring in more foreigner to Singapore instead of looking locally for a suitable candidates. This is true if the company is headed by a certain nationality.

Even Acting Minister for Manpower Tan ChuanJin, had acknowledge that workplace discrimination against Singaporean in the work place.  They are now focus more on fair employment practices by TAFEP.

It is time that PR should be separated from the foreign quota as only Singaporean should be allocated at least 60% for the company instead of 70% inclusive of PR. I hoped that Acting Minister for Manpower Tan ChuanJin would seriously consider implementing the suggestion of separating PR from the local workforce. This will give Singaporean a fair chance in the industry.

4 thoughts on “How many Singaporean in the banking industry?


  2. In regards to “This will give Singaporean a fair chance in the industry.”, Singaporean and PR should not be separated. Singaporeans already have fair chance against PR’s, the only difference is that average Singaporean is less willing to do the actual job, when compared to PR. And that is why I welcome more PR’s and more diversity into this country, whereby effectively these PR’s will become Singaporeans and further strengthen the Singapore core and enrichen the environment around.

    My concern however is that such loud statements as made by your kind self will negatively reflect on the job prospects of Singaporeans. I.e. as more negative sentiment towards PR’s and “Foreigners” occur, as also less confident about Singapore the Multinational Companies are, the very same companies who brought jobs here at the first place. My recommendation would be not to ‘piss them off’.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your kind reply. We are not against the PR or foreigners… We are actually against the policy that is so liberal that a company can have all foreigner and PR without a single Singaporean…

      What kind of benefit does the Singaporean have when the company has zero Singaporean in it. It’s make economy sense but not to the benefit of Singaporean…

      I myself have a fair share of foreign friends and they do understand where I came from.

      Let me repeat again! We are not against the foreigner or PR but we are against the policy that open the flood gate

      • In that case, I am in the same thoughts as you are and I agree with your approach, i.e. Singaporeans should come first and there should not be an ‘open flood gate’. That being said, I find that sometimes this topic is taken to very extremes with a negative sentiment towards Foreigners / PR’s. Hope that can be aligned a bit, so that there are no harm feelings at either of sides.

        Thank you.

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