Which Singapore Petrol Station have the best toilet?

Let me give a little write-up that is away from the Singapore affair. As you had known, I had been a taxi driver for nearly two years. My gosh, time flies… I’m two years older. Now I will touch on the little topic some drivers might be interested in. Toilets!!!!

When we are driving halfway, be it taxi driver or driving your own car, there is a sudden urgent need to use the toilet. I will write something about it although it’s grouse….

I will take my personal experience and write about it.

My 1st choice will be the hotel. When I am in need to use the toilet, my mind will instantly will think, where is the nearest hotel available for me to pee? Toilet in the hotel is always in top of the class for driver like me to go to use…

But sometime going to hotel not be best available option, the next most common place is Petrol Station. There are four main petrol station all over the Singapore, namely, Shell, Caltex, Esso and SPC. Below I will rate them to the choice of petrol Station accordingly to my reference.

My 1st choice will always be Caltex. They had over past two years upgrading their toilets and most now house inside the air-condition Mart. you can use the toilet in the air-conditioning environment. The plus point is, due to house the toilet inside the mart, they had to keep the toilet clean at all times. They can’t afford to have foul smell coming out from the toilet, in other word, their toilet is always heavily “perfume”. Thus their toilets are always a present place to go to.


The picture of the toilet station in Caltex

My second choice is the ESSO station. They are about the same as Caltex but most located outside the Mart. Although some of them located in the Mart like the station off Durearn Road (beside BMW showroom). This become my second choice just because it’s located outside the mart (due to no Air-conditioning of the toilet).

My Third Choice will be Shell Station.

They had upgrade their station few years ago and their toilets are clean at least three times a day. They might not in tip-top condition but it is useable. But be prepared to standby some tissue paper as most of the time, the toilet paper is always not available.

My Last choice will be SPC.

This is the petrol station which I will be avoiding as it’s smell in the toilet and the toilet is always dirty. It might due to lack of upgrading and prolong usage of the toilet. Also Tissue paper is always a “Must Have” thing when using their toilets. The toilet paper is almost non-existence.

This is the choice based on the toilet I have visited so far and it only represent the male toilet (of course I can’t use the female toilet right?) Maybe some female driver can update us their choice of toilet in my comment column to share with other drivers.

2 thoughts on “Which Singapore Petrol Station have the best toilet?

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