A new Job portal for Singaporean

A new initiative by Transitioning.org – A online Job Portal for Singaporean (Link)

It is created in the facebook group and all Singaporean and employers are encouraged to join. This FB Group is to offer a new platform where employees and employers comes together to match the jobs in the market at no extra costs to all parties.

It had gathered more than 2000 members within 28 hours of operation. More noticeable members in the group are:

1) Gilbert Goh

2) Leong Sze Hian

3) Benny Se Teo

4) Vivian Pan

5) Lawrence Chong

Also, HR Personal are in the group to offer jobs to Singaporean locally or overseas.

More member are expected to join as this job portal truly served the needs of the Singaporean.

It doesn’t matter you are whether you are white collar or blue collar, employee or employer, you are welcome to join this new initiative.

One thought on “A new Job portal for Singaporean

  1. Reblogged this on Gazali Unplugged and commented:
    What most Singaporeans want — a job. Oh well, how many really want to run their own business?

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