The unbecoming of Singapore Politicians

After the new parliamentary re-open earlier this week, we are supposedly expecting the politicians debate on the hot topics like, The Haze, The New MDA regulation….

But what occupy the main story, is the Town Council Saga. What had been peacefully settle and yet, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, again accusing the workers’ Party to come clean on the Town Council Saga on the Cleaning of the Market. Mr Low Thia Khiang had again dismiss it as a miscommunication.

Today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had thrown in his weight behind Dr Balakrishnan, again asking WP to come clean Town Council Saga, putting the WP MP integrity in questions.

Now the main question is not the Town Council Saga, but I am wondering if the PAP are busy fixing the opposition party or solving the current problems Singaporean faced? It’s not hard to see that PAP are more interested in fixing the opposition party than solving problems. They are just degrading the WP to shit. Making sure that only PAP have the cleanest image party in Singapore.

Before calling the WP to come clean and raises the integrity of WP MP, Dr Balakrishnan should come clean on the over budget of the YOG a few years ago, the flooding failure in orchard road. Being a minister with a million dollars paycheck, shouldn’t he be responsible for all the failure where the ministry he work in? Can we ask Dr Balakrishnan to step down for all those failure?

On the other hand, WP had done themselves no favour. They should acknowledge this short coming (whether Miscommunication or not) and made known to public the step taken to prevent the recurring of the similar incident happening again.

Being the elected MP, all MP should have this bearing in mind: To serve wholeheartedly! Stop all these bull shitting and get on to work. Get together, be it PAP or otherwise, debate on the current issue that are concerning Singaporean. The Town Council Saga should best left it alone as it is not longer the main concern of the Singaporean. So get down to work, for you are paid million to work not politicking…

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