Philippines to stop deploying maid to Singapore from Sept 2013

The Philippines is going to stop deployment of her citizen to Singapore as maid from Sept 2013 due to disagreement to the placement fee.

Over the years, Employers had been spoilt for choices to foreign workers without incurring extra cost to hire them (Be it maid or otherwise). All the placement fee has been borne by the employee in other to get work in Singapore.

Singaporean are complaining that PMET being displaced by the foreigners, but why Employers choose to continue employing foreigners?

Most companies in Singapore do not have the HR overseeing the hiring process but handled by the recruitment agent. Thus searching of good hiring requires money for the recruitment agent, either by the hiring company or the job seekers.

Generally, Singaporean do not pay for placement fee but the companies will foot the bail for the recruitment process.

Thus if you are the employer and wish to recruit a new staff, you would be more interested in hiring the foreign job seekers as you do not need to pay for the placement fee. On top of that, you would be able to change/reject the job seekers if they do not perform up to mark.

Thus I urge the Manpower Ministry to look into this issue. I would suggest that legalisation of all employers to borne the placement fee to the recruitment agent. This will in fact help to create a better playing field for the Singaporean seeking jobs.

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