Ban Uber Taxi in Singapore

Dear Minister Lui,

I’m a full-time taxi driver and I would like to share with you my concerned about Uber limousine Taxi into Singapore market.

Uber had come into Singapore market since 2013, catering services that offer high-end limousine services to their member. Lately, they started their new UberX which cater to the standardise taxi limousine.

In the newspaper report, they had highlight that they do not infringe the LTA rules as they cater to their “Member” only. So What are their so-called members? Members are those who just registered in the Apps and instantly becomes their member. It’s like a wolf in a sheep clothing.

The main concern that I have is as follows:

  1. Private limousine should not charge by meter but rather they should be charged a flat fee. Why are they allowed to charge based on meter which is no different from our local taxi, be it standard taxi or limousine taxi?

  2. Anyone can become a Uber driver so long they have a valid insurance to have commercial coverage. So where is the service standard that we are looking at? Anyone without a valid vocational license can become a Uber driver so long they are registered with Uber. This lead to another question: Is the LTA is the main authority to allow who can drive a taxi in Singapore or Uber are the authority?

    This will give taxi driver want-to-be no incentive to get the vocational license if they can drive one without having the license.

  3. The re-surfacing of pirate taxi! With the private car enable to pick up commuters, how can the commuters knows if they are genuine taxi drivers, there will bound to have some driver taking the risk picking commuters without proper insurance coverage just like early 80s.

  4. Bad Taxi service without proper control will create free for all to pick up commuters off the roads.

  5. Protect the only jobs for Singaporean only!

    As a displaced PMET, driving a taxi is one of the last resort that we have to survive in today high cost of living in Singapore, With Uber Taxi services, apart from Singaporean can drive, they allowed PR as their limousine Taxi driver as well.

    If this is the direction the government that heading, the only Singaporean job will be at risk! What can those other misplaced PMET going to do is there isn’t anymore taxi driving as the last resort?

    This is going to reflect badly towards the government caring towards Singaporean!

  6. Negative image of Singapore will be presented to Tourist. While we are known to have strict regulations, nothing is done with this instant. How would the tourists feel if the they take a private vehicle as taxi?

  7. How accurate the meter can be? Although it goes according to the GPS via their phone applications, LTA have no control of how the meter has been charged, will the commuters fairly over charged will be unknown.

  8. The last of the concern is for all commuters! The Safety of the commuters.

    With LTA have not authority on who UBER engaged, effectively those former taxi driver who had been revoked of the taxi vocational license can continue to ply their trade via UBER. Current Taxi Driver with valid vocational license will conduct themselves well as their vocational license is at stake. But nothing can be say so if it is from private taxi.

With France, Belgium, Germany and England, in United States (Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago), they have banned or having the intention of banning UBER and other private taxi which do not have the regulation control of the taxi drivers. It has brought unfair advantage of those unlicensed taxi drivers over those license drivers.

With the above concern that I have highlighted, I hoped that your good ministry will take a proper stand on this issue. Any misstep by your good ministry will create chaos in the public transport system that the government had built up over the years.

Note: This email will be cc to The Online Citizen, TR Emeritus, The Real Singapore and LTA

7 thoughts on “Ban Uber Taxi in Singapore

  1. Another concern here!
    Subject : Pirate Malaysian Limosines
    Lately there has been piratei Limosines operating illegally in Singapore

    This how they poached business in Singapore!

    1. They work hotel concierge for trips from Singapore to Malaysia eg Jb, Malacca, desaru, mersing , legoland etc

    2. They work hand in hand with some tour operators

    3. They provide transport services for selected private company’s and

    4. Most of the pirate limo’s is not registered as busines entity.

    Note: in recents months Simgapore registered tourist vans are reprimanded by Malaysian road transport authorities.

    Here in Singapore I hope LTA should look in this as these pirates are poaching busines illegally!

    For all the Limosines drivers!

  2. So basically … anything that competes with you should be banned ? How about midnight busses ? Ban that as well ?

    • Everyone have their own view and there are not wrong or right in their view. That does not mean that you can degrade someone with names calling.

      I know you are someone in the Uber and it’s totally against your interest… Let’s put ourselves in each other shoes and you will understand…

      If you are higher up in the management, you should able to know that we had give leeway to Uber already… Instead of calling a straight ban, we ask them to change their business model from metered charged to flat fee.

      If you want to know more, ask your management…

  3. Uber now works with regular taxis!

    If any drivers are interested, please email to sign up!

    • I’m not discouraging taxi drivers to sign up Ubertaxi as this apps is just like other apps – GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi.

      The only different is Ubertaxi, while using their apps, customers pay through their apps and taxi drivers will received their payment only weekly…

  4. I Understand there are some concerns on Uber especially in the area of safety and service level.

    on Safety, In order for 1 to be a Uber Driver , he/ she needs to fulfill certain criteria on top of just insurance. They must not have imprisonment in any country of more than 7 days. GPS tracks the movement of the vehicle and identity of driver is known.

    Uber apps also have a review system with 5 star been the maximum. if the driver receives poor review consistently, they can be banned from the apps and no longer able to drive. Hence, they can mechanism is place to grade the driver to keep them on the toes.

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