Politics and Me!

What politics to me? Why join politics? Why join this party? 

All these questions keep repeating in my ears, be it myself or concerned friends. For once, I will set my record straight, I’m not born in a politician family nor affiliated to anyone of them. I’m just like you who are Singaporeans who are concerned about the development of Singapore.

To others, politics are for those people who have high education background or belong to a certain party. You and me, especially me, are just normal graduate or  below standard. We are nobody, what can we do to change the development of Singapore? Some might even said, “I don’t care about politics, it’s non of my concern”.

Back to the questions:

What is politics to me?

Politics to me is not something hard to understand. The government who themselves politicians. create policies or bills to manage the country. All  these polices or bills passed through the parliament will then come into force. These policies or bills are those we should concerned about. In fact, we are talking about it everyday without us realizing it. Take for a few example, our child education, HDB price COE etc are policies that pass through the parliament that will be affecting all of us. Shouldn’t we start looking at what the policies passes through the parliament?

Why join politics?

Having a simple mindset, I want to contribute back to the society within my capability. I must confessed that I’m not the elites but I believe that by having strong logical thinking born within me, I hoped that  I would able to contribute by giving logical solution for the government to consider. Take for an example, under this post: Common myth about HDB Resale, I did write about: “The resale price will continue to raise so long there is COV is involved“. At that time flat buyer or seller are talking about COV rather than the selling price. I do not know if Minister Khaw had read my post, but he had implemented that all transaction must agreed on the price first before obtaining the valuation report of the flat. This will make buyer and seller to looking into the pricing of the flat first before COV.

Being politically driven, I see no point of keep hitting hard at PAP, rather we should debate and find solutions on the policies/bills to the maximum benefit for Singaporeans.

Why join this party?

It’s doesn’t matter which party I join, more importantly, the party would want to change the approach. It need to start to get their act together and truly serve the citizens with sound and logical ideas for the government to consider. Hitting at the incumbent will serve no benefit to the citizens.

As from next week, I would starts to give ideas to improve the policies pertaining to CPF, Housing, Education, Medicial, Transportation and some other that comes along the way. So stay tune.

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